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Unikote M


i Easily applied over weld on or Module hot face and furnace top floors.
i Adhere readily to fibre modules during the thermal cycling process.
i Reduces module shrinkage by keeping the hot face “tight”.
i Guards the ceramic fibre Module against metal oxide, chemical and contaminant attack.
i Protects against the velocity damage and erosion from particulate matter.
i Excellent resistance to chemical attack exceptions includes hydrochloric acid, Phosphoric acid and strong alkalies.


i Classification temperature: 1425 ° C


i Applied over weld on or veneering modules hot face surface.
i Used to reduce airborne fibre or other refractory particles.
i Coil annealing furnaces
i Re heat furnace doors lining
i Process heaters lining
i Ammonia reformers and crude oil heaters lining
i Shuttle kiln
i Tunnel kilns


Unikote M is a refractory coating material designed to provide a protective surface layer over ceramic fibre modules. Unikote M is for high to medium temperature, gas fired furnaces where contaminants are not severe.


i Standard sizes: 5, 10, 25 and 50 kgs