Cumilite HF



i Glass
i Iron & Steel
i Petrochemicals, Fertilisers
i Metallurgical industries
i Ceramics
i Carbon blackn


i Furnace super structure lining, Regenerator, Sub-paving
i Blast Furnace, Stove, Torpedo ladle, Iron ladle
i Burner blocks
i Heating element carrying plates
i Kiln lining, Burner blocks & Kiln furniture
i Reactor lining


CUMILITE Mullite refractories are manufactured from high purity mullite grains. CUMILITE refractories are extremely stable in service, unlike conventional mullite refractories. They are specially meant for applications that demand good chemical and mechanical stability, strength at high temperatures and resistance to spalling, corrosion and flame impingement. They outperform other refractories in high temperature volume stability in applications such as high intensity burner, carbon black reactors and other processes operated at extremes of temperature and corrosive conditions. Mullite products based on Silimanite, Andalusite and sintered mullite are widely used in glass and steel industry applications for their excellent thermal shock properties, creep resistance and resistance to chemical attack.