Ceramic Linear

Ceramic Liner


i Bulk material movement involving sliding very often causes heavy wear of the equipment used, resulting in damage to equipment, lower reliability, production losses, and lower capacity utilization. Installation of ceramic liners is a solution, and is a necessity where equipment availability and low operating costs are essential.

i CUMI manufactures weldable and pastable alumina ceramic tiles that can be bonded onto the surface to be protected from wear.

i Apart from standard sizes, we offer both types of tiles pre-engineered to suit specific equipment. CAD is used to ensure a good fit for the contours of the lining surface.

i CUMI’s pre-engineered tiles optimize the lining life and facilitate the best possible lining, even for complex profiles.


1) Power Generation

i Coal Mill (Inner Cone, Multiport Outlet Valve, Mill Discharge Valve, Mill Inner Dia Lining, Orifices, Ventury Vanes)
i Bends (Tranisitions & Y- Pieces)k
i Ash Handling (Bends & Slurry Pipes)

2) Cement Industry

i Coal Mill
i Raw Mill