Ceramic Fibre Tape


i High temperature stability
i Thermal shock résistance
i Low heat storage
i Good chemical stability


i1) Cloth
i2) Tape


i Furnace doors and radiant tube seals
i Blast furnace stove expansion joint
i Coke oven ascension pipe seal, preventing fume emission on exhaust collection system.
i Coke oven door seal preventing gas leakage between refractory and door jamb.
i Piping insulation
i Hot top seal
i Welding curtains
i Insulation between anode buss and box
i Asbestos free and ideal replacement for asbestos cloth products


Cloth / Tape are woven from ceramic fibre yarn reinforced with Fibreglass yarn/SS wire.
Cloth / Tape can be used in wide range of industrial, high temperature sealing and insulation application. Cloths are reinforced with fibre glass yarn can be used up to 850 ° C and reinforced with SS wire can be used up to 1100 ° C.

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