Ceramic Fibre Ropes


i High temperature stability
i Thermal shock resistance
i Low heat storage
i Low weight
i Good chemical stability


i 1260 °C


i Inspection door seals
i Gaskets & flange seals
i Expansion joint packing for refractory brick work in furnaces and kilns.
i Pipe wrap or insulation in marine Generators
i Insulation lagging for pipes
i Radiant tube packing in boilers and furnaces
i Asbestos free and ideal replacement for asbestos rope products


Twisted Ropes are made from Ceramic Fibre yarn and reinforced with Fibreglass/SS wire.
Braided ropes are made from ceramic fiber enclosed in a Glass fibre braid or SS wire braid to give excellent handling strength.
The above ropes are light weight, resilient, high temperature resistance and chemical stability.

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i Standard sizes: 4mm – 60 mm Dia X 25 Mtrs Length
i * Density depends on diameter of the Rope.